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Índice de Desarrollo Humano (IDH)

Recientemente han cambiado la composición del mismo.

Corto y pego:

In 2010 the Human Development Research Office (HDRO) introduced a new methodology for the computation of the HDI. This new methodology takes the geometric mean of the suitably normalized achievements for each country in regards to life expectancy, educational attainment and income, and ranks the countries based on the index that arises as a consequence.
There are essentially three ways of understanding the rationale and implications of any such methodological change: (1) by identifying the normative principles that the new methodology satisfies, (2) by studying the tradeoffs between the different dimensions that are implicit in the resulting index, and (3) by looking at the ranking of countries that arises as a result.

En aprox. un mes lo tendrán en español y francés.


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